Image: Holly Heathcote

Image: Holly Heathcote

Adam on St. Agnes' Eve
in miniature

A performance in miniature by Mike Pearson.

Commissioned to accompany the ‘Silent Explosion – Ivor Davies and Destruction in Art’ exhibition at Cardiff Museum (November 2015 – March 2016), which celebrated the life and work of artist Ivor Davies. This was Mike Pearson reimagining of Ivor Davies’ Adam On St. Agnes’ Eve, a ‘happening’ that originally took place on the same date in 1968 during the Swansea Arts Festival – no records or archival footage remains from the event.

A performance in miniature, the staging took influence from traditions of model-making in the National Museum and Victorian toy theatres, using a specially constructed scale model and available documentation to enact a historic performance at a scale of 1:25.

The soundtrack was created to a strict score created by Mike Pearson, based on the original documentation for the event. This included the sounds of explosions, grand piano chords, scraped upright pianos, spoken word, and a live band.


Performed at the National Museum Wales, Cardiff, on 21st January 2016.

Director: Mike Pearson
Curators: Judit Bodor & Nicholas Thornton
Designers: Anna Kelsey & Sebastian Noel
Animators: John Rowley & Richard Huw Morgan
Sound: Samuel Barnes
Photography: Holly Heathcote