A new audio-visual work by Paul Eastwood.

Imagine a strange isolated island, where the Brythonic Celtic language (Welsh, Cornish and Breton) has remained alive - evolving throughout the centuries into something strange and unfamiliar.

Dyfodiaith is an audio-visual work that interrogates the cultural context of the Welsh language in relation to minority languages spoken worldwide, bilingualism and common tongues. How will we speak to an unknown future? What will it look like?



Artist: Paul Eastwood
Co-script Writer & Language Researcher: Llyr Titus
Composer: Samuel Barnes
Actor: Melangell Dolma
Singer 1: Gwenno Elan Healy
Singer 2: Lisa Angharad
Cello 1: Kirsten Miller
Cello 2: Rachel Waters
Costumes Fabricator: Stevie Eastwood
Filmmaker: Eilir Pierce
Visual Effects Animator: Joshua Marshall
Lighting Designer: Jane Lalljee
Makeup & Hair Artist: Eleni Kyriacou
Translation: Lois Angharad Roberts

Working in collaboration with linguist Llyr Titus and composer Samuel Barnes to score a haunting musical arrangement, the sung narrative serves as the main protagonist of the piece and is inspired by the Welsh language novel ‘Ebargofiant’ by Jerry Hunter and ‘Wythnos Yng Nghymru Fydd’ by Islwyn Ffowc Elis.

Dyfodiath explores how language has the potential to manipulate our thoughts and actions by the lexis that we employ and how we might attempt to communicate to a future that hasn’t yet happened.

The exhibition was accompanied by a publication featuring texts by Emily Butler and Miriam Elin Jones.

Dyfodiaith exhibited at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff from 9th February – 10th March 2019, accompanied by a live performance of the work on 1st March.