A poetic, cinematic reimagining of the first two books of Roman author Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

The first of Pearson/Brookes' Storm Cycle – a series of six productions conceived, designed  and directed by Mike Pearson & Mike Brookes in collaboration with National Theatre WalesSTORM.1 was a poetic, cinematic reimagining of the first two books of Roman author Ovid’s Metamorphoses, which took place in Pafiliwn Bont, Pontrhydfendigaid in February 2018.

In his epic narrative, completed just before his exile in 8AD, Ovid links together “into one artistically harmonious whole, all the stories of classical mythology”. Above all, he tells of extraordinary and miraculous changes and transformations, in the nature of people and of things.

In a theatrically thrilling combination of word, sound and unexpected occurrences, STORM.1: Nothing Remains The Same takes up two of Ovid’s early stories.

In the first part, Chaos & Creation narrated by Mike Pearson, a disordered universe is brought into harmony, and then put at risk through the faults, frailties and violent acts of successive races of humanity.

In the second, Ignition & Eclipse narrated by Aimee-Ffion Edwards, the foolhardy Phaëthon insists on driving his father Phoebus’s fiery chariot – the sun – to prove he’s his divine son. But his reckless exploits lead to tragedy…

The soundtrack to this production was delivered through two independent means: spoken narratives delivered through headphones; and a cacophonic soundtrack that filled the dark, empty physical space using a large surround sound setup. I created the soundtrack for this with John Hardy Music, which consisted of combinations of recorded natural sound, synthesised equivalents and found sounds.

The production received a praising 4-star review from the Guardian.

Directors: Mike Pearson & Mike Brookes
Sound Design: Mike Beer
Sound & Music: John Hardy Music
Narration: Aimee-Ffion Edwards & Mike Pearson